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Modern electric vehicles are connected to the charging station via a charging cable with a type 2 plug. The charging cable is brought by the user and must fit the vehicle. Please consult your car's user manual to fit the right cable. To use a fast charger you need either a CCS or a CHAdeMO socket on the vehicle. Allego's fast chargers have permanently installed charging cables that can be connected without adapters to suitably equipped vehicles.

Allego is participating in several corridor projects where charging infrastructure is being built on key traffic corridors. In these projects we are looking for partners with attractive locations in which we can operate our charging infrastructure. The costs for investment and operation are handled by Allego. At other locations, federal and state-funded charging infrastructure may arise. We are happy to explain the possibilities of the promotion in a personal conversation and support you in the application process.

How it works

Range is the distance that any electric vehicle can travel without recharging. This depends to a large extent on your driving style. For instance a higher speed will consume more power than driving smoothly, so please take into account speed in relation to the distance you have to travel. It may be that you have to charge your electric car at a charging point mid-journey. Through the navigation system in your car you will quickly find a charging point and drive you there to recharge.

An electric car does not emit Co2, which considerably improves air quality. An electric car is therefore an environmentally conscious choice! An electric car has a lithium-ion battery. These batteries are 95% recyclable, which also contributes to a better environment. Apart from the environment, the sound – or rather the lack of it – is a pleasant bonus. The only noise that an electric car makes is the friction of the tires over the asphalt. And if you need a final reason... electric cars require virtually no maintenance.

The electric driving market consists of various parties. There is the Charge Point Operator (CPO) and the Mobility Service Provider (MSP). The CPO provides the delivery of the charging points, the installation and maintenance of the charge points and the breakdown service. The MSP sells mobility products and services. In this case, a charging subscription, the corresponding charging card and / or app and the payment of your loading sessions will take place via this party.

There are three different types of electric cars. With a Plug-in Hybrid, the car is powered by either an electric or fuel engine. An example of this is the Mitsubishi Outlander. In addition, you have the E-REV, the Extended Range electric car. Here the drive is completely electric, but a small auxiliary fuel motor is used for charging the battery, as is the case with the Opel Ampera and the BMW i3. The last type is the fully electric car (BEV / FEV), which is entirely powered by an electric motor and does not support a fuel engine, such as with the Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen e-Golf or Tesla.


Any electric car can be charged at our charging stations. Depending on the placement of the charging station and the settlement model, you can choose who will or will not need to pay for the charging session.

For electric cars that meet certain requirements, you can deduct part of the investment from your taxable profit. This is classified as an Environmental Investment Allowance (EIA). This rule applies to the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle or a charging station. You can find more information about this on the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration [Belastingdienst] or the Netherlands Enterprise Agency []. The rules on grants for companies change each year. Electric cars are also exempt from motor vehicle tax if their emission level is no higher than 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven. You can find more information about this on the Tax and Customs Administration’s website.

If you make your infrastructure available to third parties and ask payment for charging sessions, then the income generated belongs to you. You can also choose to let your own employees charge their car for free, but have visitors pay. Of course, you can also make charging free for your visitors.

Installation and maintenance

Allego carries out standard and preventive maintenance work once each year. Any additional arrangements will be set out in a contract. Malfunctions will naturally be rectified immediately and within the contractually agreed period.

Depending on your location and situation, an Allego installation partner will contact you about the inspection. The inspection may be an actual onsite inspection, but in some cases the installer can get the necessary information from you via a phone consultation.

Installation will be scheduled by the installer after the quotation has been signed and returned to Allego. The installer will then contact you to arrange an installation date.

This will vary according to the particular situation. We will provide you with appropriate advice depending on the type of charging station, the number of cars that will be charged, and your own preferences. After a preliminary meeting, we will carry out an inspection of your situation together with an installer, after which we will let you know what size of connection you need.

This will vary according to the particular situation. We will provide you with appropriate advice depending on the number of cars that will be charged, the location and your own preferences.


If a malfunction should unexpectedly occur, please call the number shown on the charging station. The service desk experts will help you immediately and professionally. Please make sure you have the reference number of the charging station to hand. | NL: 0800 3745337 | BE: 0800 78192 | GER: 030 2332 10000 | UK: 0800 0294601 |


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