03 Apr 2017

Allego’s back-end services monitor Differdange’s opportunity charging solution, with 3x300 kW chargers and inverted pantograph.

Differdange is the homes of Luxembourg’s first electric buses. The system works with an inverted pantograph, which is lowered from charging points. Three 300 kW opportunity chargers are also connected to Allego’s back-end services and continuously monitored for optimum performance. 

Location: Differdange, Luxembourg 
Project start date: April 2017 
Vehicles: four standard buses (12m) 

Type of chargers 

  • 3 x 300 kW opportunity chargers (inverted pantograph)

Performed services 

  • Service, maintenance and repair throughout the contract period 
  • Optional full service model, including provision of time and material, spare parts and total replacement of chargers when needed 
  • Regular upgrades of hardware and software 
  • Guaranteed uptime to meet service requirements 


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