Charging solutions for locals & visitors

Allego offers a charging network that’s simple to roll out, reliable for users and which can grow with your city as more drivers switch to electric.

Charging solutions How we work
Charging in the public space

You are in control

EV-cloud:  functionalities from the cloud that help your business:

  • Monitoring & analytics
  • Reporting of use
  • 24/7 service & helpdesk availability
  • Accessible for all EV drivers by RFID card or direct payment
  • NFC contactless payments
More about EV-Cloud
Auto in de zon
Kees van Bergen CEO - ECOTAP

“It is great to have Allego as a provider of charging solutions as they are the specialist within the field of public charging.

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How we operate

The best charging experience

To provide the best experience we deliver end-to-end charging solutions – supplying drivers whether they’re at home, work or on the move – all serviced by a single EV Cloud Platform. See how Allego can help your city:

  • Stimulate EV transport as a realistic alternative to fossil fuel 
  • Cut Co2 emissions 
  • Reduce noise pollution 
  • Ease congestion and traffic through smart location planning


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