We believe that anyone with an electric vehicle should be able to charge their ride whenever and wherever they need. That’s why we and our partners are working towards providing simple, reliable and affordable charging solutions across Europe for cities, companies and consumers.

Electric driving is the future. 
Electric mobility increases the air quality of our cities and reduces noise pollution. At Allego we're working on getting closer to the goal to create an European charging infrastructure that is accessible for all car brands and can be used by all EV-drivers. Charging solutions that fit your needs.

We find it a challenge to provide the right charging facilities, at the right location, at the right speed and at the right price. Every location where EV drivers would need to charge their vehicle, requires a fitting solution. Wether it is slow charging or ultra fast charging, Allego has the charging solutions in place, combined with a cutting edge EV Cloud platform as IT back-end, EV-driver apps and flexible payment options. The better the charging experience, the more people will go electric. Join us in building a new sustainable e-mobility system that puts the consumer in the heart of mobility.

Keep driving forward.

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